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Originally posted by fastharry
so which one do you like the wolfpack car worth doing?....or should I just biuld another Super with HPI parts...also,how do you like the 300 mm current car is a BMW...dying to build a toyata GT...

Well I can't say yet, I'm more familar with my reg super with the way it handles and my current set up is also with the bmw body b/c I'm normally running on tight tracks. So could could be why I had a hard time with the wolfpack using 300mm on the same track. I'll do more testing at the beginning of next season. Is it worth it, well if you already have one super, and you just want to build something out of spare parts and you have the money and don't mind spending the money on a project car, it's worth it. Myself, I have debated saling mine time and time again, only b/c I'm not sure if I have a real need for two supers, but I will address that concerns after I get rid of the purple alum one first. If I keep it, it will probably only be used for drag racing, but if I can get it to handle like the super that I race with, then I will probable use it for racing except for the hpi challenge.
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