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Can someone help..? Super Nitro RS4

OK, I am new for the HPI Super Nitro but definitely not new for Nitro racing (Serpent Impulse, Impact and currently NTC3)....however, this HPI super nitro does give me quite a lot of problem, but I am sure you guys can help....

I have a brand new Nova Rossi RS-12 T5 planning to drop onto the Super Nitro, and my Super Nitro came with the HPI 2-speed gear box quesiton is, how can I install SG cranck engine (like any Nova Rossi engine RS-12, MT-12, MR-12....etc) onto the SNRS4 that works with the HPI 2-speed...?

From the post above, I saw him got his JP installed on the SN....what kind of a flywheel and 2-speed clutch that he is using..? Or can anyone tell me what and how to get that works...?

Someone from the LHS told me I have to use the HPI clutch and machine the hole (larger) and re-taper the end to make that work....but is there any aftermarket flywheel that I can use..?

Thanks for advance....

Rookie Solara
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