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HPI forum will be back, but it will not be FORUM afterall, more likely those YOU ASK, THEY ANSWER kinda style.......which is another BIG MISTAKE....oh, on top of that, only HPI related only, no more Serpent, NTC3, Reflex whatsoever.....Big Big mistake.

Anyhow, believe it or not, I emailed Wolfpack and see what is they thought about .12 SG engine on Super Nitro......they emailed back to me today with a 6 paragraphs message and even offered me a FREE kits to me, the take is I have to give them a detail reports no matter it works or not.....why it work, and why not.......

I think I have nothing to lose much as I HATE to sell my brand new Nova Rossi RS-12 T5 (hard to find now).......and I will try my best to get that sucker installed on the Super Nitro.
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