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Re: A few questions

Originally posted by Browny
I'm impressed with this wolfpack conversion kit. I live in Australia and RC can be pretty expensive. Can anyone tell me how much a Super RS4 sells for in the US? (in $US).

Also I've look at the wolfpack web site but there isn't alot of info there. Do you buy his products thru hobby shops or from him direct?

Do you guys race competively? Is there a class that accomodates these larger cars?

Finally, (please don't hate me), with the .21 engines what sort of speeds are you reaching?

Some great pics on this site too Thanks in advance.
Super Nitro should be like $250 US with the POS engine.....

Wolfpack products can be purchased via...

Or you can contact Mr. Wolfgang himself, super super NICE owner/Tech guy to deal with.............wish he can do more alum. stuff for more car (like NTC3)

To be honest, in Asia (closer to you from Australia) Super 10 and Super Nitro are 100% one race there, in USA, beside HPI challenge, ppl usually race Super Nitro just for fun.....but here in Chicago, we do have enough Super Nitro to form a class, so we are a few that still have Super Nitro class racing along with those typicla "TOURING CARS".........

Engine limits to .12 and .15 engine, turbo or non-turbo, don't matter, no modification limits, no GAS-TANK limit cause we all using 125cc Kyosho buggy tires limit - foams are $32 a set of 4, last like a season no one using rubber anymore......basicly - NO LIMIT, and the best part is, we will MIX with Serpent IMPACT class and race together.......and don't let the Super Nitro fool you, IMPACT has no advantage over Super Nitro beside the big block .15 one point, I too own a IMPACT and raced with the Chicago HPI challenge Super Nitro champion.....and I learned my lesson well. So if you don't have enough Super Nitro, let the IMPACT ppl race with you or join the IMPACT ppl.........if your Super Nitro tunned well enough (and with a good enough engine like MR-12, RB, JP....etc) those IMPACT are not even that fast afterall....(if you recall the recent national races, most TC ran more laps then IMPACT and 1/8th class).

Last.....with 21 TURBO JP engine, one time I saw the POLICE speed gun clocked 80 mph, and I am sure some others can do even more......
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