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.12 SG crank engine conversion on SNRS4

OK......with the strong support from Mr. Wolfgang (owner of Wolfpack Radical).....the small block .12 SG crank engine conversion is a complete success, and here are some instruction (save this file Robert Carlin)

This picture showing the SG crank engine problem, engine sitting too far apart from the 2-speed spur gears and the SG crank is not long enough for the bell to reach the spur gears. I used 10 OFNA washer, Assoicate Pull-start flywheel, Serpent clutch nut and shoes, and HPI gear bell. 2nd picture......I pushed the engine toward the spur gears reach the spurs, but the engine mount doesn't align with the HPI chassis engine holes underneath, adjustable engine mount required.

With Mr. Wolfgang's support, these are the parts that I need to do the conversion. Vented flywheel with special cullet, adjustable engine mounts (6 position with free sliding adjustment base)......the 2-speed gearbox clutch is something he strongly recommand me to change over the HPI single blade design.

Wolfpack radical package installed........along with the OFNA crank extension kits ($7.00), I installed 2 OFNA washers before I mounted the collet to gain some extra length of the crank. From this picture, you can see I aligned the engine mounting holes with the HPI OEM opening underneath, and still, the gears are still SHORT from reaching the spur, adjustable engine mount.

Adjustable engine mount, I can slide the engine by 4mm and still have a complete lock tight situatin of the engine....and the most important part is - I have the distance in able to reach the spurs with the gear bell......operation completed.

The Wolfpack Radical 2 shoes 2-speed clutch installed (they are Associated parts) but somehow Wolfgang can get that work on HPI.......go figure.

If you have question, please let me know........because I am an expert on HPI now (yes......Wolfgang asked me several times why I downgrade myself from Serpent to HPI........? I think this is the fun part about downgrading - CHALLENGE)
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