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Originally posted by BlueMaxx
What would you guys recommend for a new nitro owner's first hop-up engine? I don't want to spend much more than $150, and I don't need a pullstarter. Also, what's a good header/exhaust to use? (My SRS4 is mostly stock).
I have 2 engines for you (both less then $100)......since you don't need anything powerfull untill you are in control on your SNRS4.

OS .12 CVR, this engine was on my NTC3, took 1st place all the time and only raced 3 times, 95% new, professionally broken in, and compression is like 95% life left......$80. because it is OS, after the first dialed in, you should not need to touch those needle again......

Another one is BRAND NEW, never use, HPI .12 SS (Black) engine, slide carb, standard shaft........$90

Both engine have similar HP and performance....let me know.
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