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You would have to custom build a chassis on a jig moving everything in like that and there is no way to keep a motor with carbs/filter and pipes with in 40" without something custom made like the pipe being custom made into 90 degree bend. What about clutches and gearing for that thing? The time you moved the wheelbase in you would not have much of body in front of and behind the wheels/tires that would close the wheelbase up real short that would make it not be practical because the more body to the front and rear of the wheels/tires the closer the wheelbase. You are going to have less that 12" between the front and rear tires by the time you put a body on it.

It is going to take a very powerful servo to turn that 100lb car and nobody has said anything about the ignition system affects on the radio/reciever. The Yamaha and most kart motors have alot higher output ignition than those weed eater motors they use on 1/4 scale cars with most 1/4 scale cars only needing at the most 400 feet. The 1/4 mile is 1,320 feet plus that distance again for shut down that totals over 2,600 feet of range if that length of track can be used. Even the Spektrum has a 3,000 feet range and who knows if the 2.4 ghz Spektrum system will work with those high output ignition systems on kart motors?

Interesting idea with alot of bugs to work out!
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