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Originally Posted by IBJAMMIN
Well I was doing some research to see what is out there kart wise and found this its a kids kart with a wheel base of 30in and 5in tires thats 35in OD from the back tire to the front tire with a live axel you can mount just about any motor to it very easy electric or gas it's 1800.00 RTR lol with a 50cc motor.

To get into the 150mph plus range I think this would be a great platform to start with?
30 in wheelbase with 5 in wheels will give you 35 in from back of wheel rim on the rear to front of wheel rim on the front then add for the thickness of the rubber tire sidewall front and rear will give you over 40 inches. The front and rear frame rails go beyond this making it too big. Need to do alot of chopping and rewelding to make this work.
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