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Old 04-07-2008, 05:44 PM
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ST Racing Concepts Aluminum option parts for the Axial AX10 Scorpion Rock Crawler

Latest from

We showed you computer illustrations of Team STRC's new Axial AX10 Scorpion aluminum components, but now you can see photos of the production units and get the entire scoop.

Updated Transmission/Center Plate

Listening to the response and feedback of rock crawlers and Axial AX10 owners, we recently updated our STA80007 Transmission/Center plate for the Axial AX10 now allowing AX10 owners to move the suspension link inboard (instead of outside) of the chassis plates for a cleaner look. Requires four M3 size lock nut (not included) to do the inboard suspension link mounting. No modification required. Available in Green, Silver, and Black anodizing.

Item no. STA80007G/S/BK; $12.99

Aluminum Lock-out and stainless steel driveshaft kit

CNC Machined from high quality aluminum and steel, this complete aluminum lock-out kit includes all you need to convert the rear transmission of your Axial AX10 to a straight axle setup. The aluminum lock-outs are further machined for weight reduction and added great looks with our logo, while providing more ground clearance for rock crawling and a cleaner setup in the rear of the truck. Direct bolt-on with no modifications necessary. Available in Green, Silver, and Black anodizing. Replacement steel driveshafts are also available separately.

STA30494G/S/BK; $45.99 for a complete set of aluminum lock-out (1 pair) and high-grade stainless steel driveshaft (1 pair)

STA30421; $20.99 replacement stainless steel driveshaft (1 pair)

AX10 Aluminum upper suspension link Y Mount

Tired of breaking that plastic upper link mount when your rig come tumbling down from the rocks? These durable CNC Machined aluminum upper suspension link mount will solve that problem once and for all. Machined from high grade aluminum, these upper links are anodized in Green, Silver and black to match the rest of our machined aluminum option parts for the Axial AX10. Sold in pairs

STA80015G/S/BK; $12.99 (1 pair)

Custom Crawler Parts 30 deg. bend threaded suspension links (Green)

Light weight aluminum threaded suspension links (4 pieces) with 30 deg. bend for more ground clearance over rocks. Great for custom build 2.2 rock crawler projects. Also works with Axial AX10 Scorpion Rock Crawler. Available in green, silver and blue.

STA30445G/S/BL; $16.99 (2 pairs)
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