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Old 09-06-2013, 02:42 PM
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XRAY XT9 Truggy

Latest from XRAY:

The all-new XRAY XT9 is built on the heritage and winning pedigree of the highly successful XT8 truggy blended with the finest and best from the new XB9 platform, creating a new champion…XT9.

The XT9 is the next evolution of the XRAY off-road concept, featuring innovative XRAY Multi-Flex™ adjustment, superior weight balance and weight distribution, easily adjust chassis flex settings for traction and stability adjustment as well as more forgiving and easy-to-control handling. Long-term tested by factory racing team and regular drivers in all conditions, the innovative design focuses all the way down to the smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability.

Building on the heritage of quality, performance and support evidenced by multiple Car of the Year awards, Viewer’s Choice award, and countless wins and victories at racetracks around the world including the prestigious European Championship title, XRAY is proud to present the new XT9. Developed, designed and manufactured all in Europe.

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy XRAY XB9 designer

New Features:
  • All-new chassis
  • All-new side guards
  • All-new 1-piece radio plate
  • All-new system of rear chassis braces mounting
  • All-new rear chassis brace
  • All-new rear wing
  • All-new center drive shafts mounting system
  • All-new center drive shafts
  • All-new central CVD shaft universal joints
  • All-new center drive shafts locking rings
  • All-new center drive shafts rubber boots
  • All-new I.S.S. aluminum suspension holders
  • All-new composite suspension eccentric bushings
  • All-new lower inner pivot pins
  • All-new alu wheel axles
  • All-new graphite upper plate
  • All-new low profile air filter
  • New rear body post
  • New double rear braces

  • Developed, designed and styled by Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in the world's most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility
  • Revolutionary off-road platform with new benchmark for premium quality, reliability and performance
  • Premium, professional, high-competition model racing car for the most demanding racers
  • Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state of the art Swiss and German machines
  • Premium XRAY service & support

  • CNC-machined 3mm Swiss 7075 T6 chassis
  • Strategically machined in low-stress areas and anodized for light weight and uncompromised strength and rigidity
  • Redesigned chassis with updated weight distribution for improved balance and stability
  • Countersunk underside screw holes for a flat, smooth chassis bottom
  • Updated side guard design offers improved side protection, seals better against dirt, protects the fuel tank,
  • Radio plate is a compact, balanced, 1-piece electronics assembly that can be quickly & easily removed for servicing and cleaning
  • Extra large 150cc fuel tank with molded-in splashguard uses rubber grommets to absorb vibration
  • Robust, high-durability diff bulkheads allow super-easy diff access
  • Well-proven composite front & rear chassis braces have a significant influence on chassis stiffness and chassis flex

Engine & Clutch
  • High-grade CNC-machined aluminum engine mounts machined from lightweight alloy are easily adjustable to obtain proper gear mesh
  • Extended engine mount design provides higher reinforcement of the chassis to minimize chassis bending between the clutchbell and spur gear
  • 2-part, smooth-flowing and efficient air filter includes air filter oil and a universal rubber elbow to fit most standard 1/8 buggy engines
  • Clutch system provides smooth and continuous transfer of power from engine at very high RPM; includes alu 1.7g lightweight clutch shoes, 1.0mm springs, aluminum flywheel and a steel flywheel nut
  • Clutch nut and preload adjustment collar manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ for maximum lifespan and durability
  • Wide range of clutchbells available in sizes of 12T-15T

  • Well-proven, high-performance braking system
  • Aluminum brake 7075 T6 hub with precision-pressed pins
  • Laser-cut, precision flat-ground steel brake disk for ultra-efficient fade-free braking
  • High-grip Ferodo™ brake pads
  • Brake disk and brake pads heat treated for maximum lifespan

  • Front & rear gear differential with adjustable oil viscosity featuring 43T crown gear and 10T pinion gear
  • Central differential with adjustable oil viscosity featuring 48T spur gear with standard 13T clutchbell on the engine
  • Front, central, and rear CVD drive shafts
  • Diff outdrives manufactured from exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™ are specially hand-ground for maximum precision and smooth operation
  • CVD drive shafts manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in off-road kits
  • Central larger and stronger outdrives feature protective rubber boots, thick 3mm pins, and a protective locking ring
  • All drive shafts and outdrives are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unbeatable lifetime and reliability.
  • Ultra-lightweight 17mm wheel hex drive hubs +2.00mm are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum, specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.
  • Complete set of 24 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings, degreased, lightly oiled for maximum efficiency, individually controlled, selected, and inspected

Gear Differentials
  • Rubber-sealed composite differential housings feature steel inserts that are manually precision ground after the molding process to guarantee a perfect fit with no vibration
  • Differential internal gears are made from pressed steel, heat treated, and machined for ultra-precise and smooth operation
  • Differential main gears are manufactured from HUDY Gear Steel, specially formulated and developed for use in gears.
  • All gears are hardened to provide the longest possible lifespan
  • Spur gears available in 46T, 47T and 48T
  • Crown gears available in 41T and 43T

  • Advanced suspension geometry engineered and finely tuned for high-competition racing
  • Every suspension part has been specially designed for 1/8 truggy racing platform to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions
  • Lightweight yet durable suspension parts molded from XRAY's own composite mixture for suspension parts
  • Super-long suspension arms provide maximum stability and optimal stiffness to ensure maximum traction, superior handling under all racing conditions and terrains
  • Front & rear CNC-machined extra-thick graphite shock towers include multiple shock mounting position and roll center adjustment position
  • Fully-adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™) with eccentric bushings inserted into Swiss 7075 T6 alu holders
  • Complete set of I.S.S. eccentric bushings is included for complete suspension geometry adjustment.
  • Unique C-hub suspension with Integrated Adjustable CasterTM which enables adjustment of the single C-block through the entire caster angle range; no optional caster blocks needed!
  • C-blocks feature an inclined kingpin design for increased steering and stability
  • Small, super-lightweight composite zero kingpin steering blocks feature an inset aluminum bushing that is molded into the steering block itself, ensuring a lightweight, precise and durable steering block assembly.
  • Steering block kingpin screws are firmly held in the aluminum threaded bushing while the end of the screw is self-locked in composite to prevent the screws from loosening during racing. The molded-in aluminum bushings allow the steering blocks to turn freely ensuring precise steering reaction.
  • Compact, lightweight rear uprights with multiple upper & lower roll center positions, and wheelbase adjustment possibilities
  • Optional track-width adjusting hex drives with, 0mm, +1.00mm, and +5.00mm offsets are available
  • Front & rear wire-style anti-roll bars manufactured from spring steel material are included to stabilize the chassis at both front and rear
  • Diff case mounts for anti-roll bars allow for easy installation and adjustment
  • Premium Hudy Spring Steel™ adjustable turnbuckles

  • Robust dual-arm steering system is very simple yet effective and features an integrated easily adjustable servo saver
  • Easily-adjustable Ackermann using different steering link mounting positions on the steering plate
  • Easily-adjustable bump steer using inserted shims

  • XRAY big-bore, long-stroke shocks offer increased downtravel, reliability, performance, and improved damping characteristics
  • Hardcoated shock bodies
  • Reinforced ball joints
  • Shock body large inner diameter ensures proper and consistent shock oil flow through the perfectly-round pistons which move very precisely inside the smoothly-finished interior of the shock body
  • Ultra-fine protective shock rubbers give superior sealing
  • Externally-threaded shock bodies for quick & easy adjustment
  • Improved lower shock assembly for freer shock rod movement while minimizing oil leakage and offering improved sealing against dirt.
  • Ultra-precise shock pistons with 6-, 8- and 10-hole designs
  • Thick, robust shock shafts designed for maximum strength & durability are precision-ground and super-smooth for free and smooth movement
  • Wider shock membranes made from improved material to guarantee the same damping characteristics throughout a race
  • XRAY self-developed and manufactured ultimate racing springs are hand-selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics

Body & Wing
  • Strong front & rear composite body mounts with foam cushions
  • Stylish and effective rear wing made from special composition was designed for proper downforce and stability, and will remain intact and properly shaped even after hard abuse and extreme crashes
  • Strong rear wing holders offer different wing mounting positions
  • Low-profile racing Lexan™ truggy body perfectly fits the XT9

Wheels & Tires
  • XRAY Racing Dish Wheels are molded from light yet very durable material and are well suited for high-competition racing.
  • XRAY Thrax low-profile truggy tires ensure high traction and high speed while the large sidewalls are designed for more controllable and consistent side bite
  • Tires are made from soft compound to generate sufficient grip in most racing conditions
  • Foam inserts are included

  • XRAY Premium Silicone Oils are manufactured in Europe by a specialized premium silicone oil manufacturer, and use the industry-standard cSt rating
  • Silicone Oils were exclusively created for XRAY, with each batch of premium oil being laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality between batches
  • Premium HUDY Graphite Grease is a high-performance, advanced-technology semi-fluid lubricant which incorporates both extreme pressure additives and finely-dispersed graphite for load carrying
  • Graphite Grease is intended primarily for the lubrication of rotating parts and loaded gears, and it is formulated to have excellent adhesion and fling resistance under extreme conditions

Assembly, Set-up & Support
  • Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual & supplementary sheets
  • To fully understand the set-up possibilities we recommend the legendary HUDY Set-up Book (available for download exclusively at which is loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-read RC car set-up explanations
  • Exclusive Virtual Online Setup Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world
  • Premium, unmatched XRAY online support

Adjustment Possibilities:
  • Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, kick-up, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, anti-roll bars, lower roll center, upper roll center, roll center positions, bump steer, wheelbase, Ackermann, shock damping, shock mounting position.
  • Front/center/rear differential adjustment
  • For easy and fast adjustment we recommend using set-up tools and accessories from HUDY, the world leader of RC tools.


Class: 1/8 nitro truggy
Length w/o body: 574 mm
Chassis length: 452 mm
Wheelbase: 376-388 mm
Width: 428 mm front; 430 mm rear
Weight: 2333 gr
Ready-to-run weight: approx. 3681g
Chassis: CNC-machined 3.0 mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Shock towers: machined laminated carbon graphite (front + rear) with multiple shock mounting and roll center positions
Radio tray: composite one piece
Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differential
Drive shafts: CVD drive shafts – Hudy Spring Steel™
Final drive ratio (FDR): 15.88:1
Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled
Front differential: 43T
Center differential: 48T
Rear differential: 43T
Clutch bell: 13T
Clutch: Aluminum 3-shoe
Suspension: Adjustable suspension with preset geometry
Rear suspension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link
Front suspension: Zero Kingpin suspension with integrated adjustable caster
Rear upright: Composite with dual arm mounting and 3 roll center positions
Shocks: Big-bore, long-travel shocks, machined aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks
Caster: adjustable front + rear
Camber: adjustable front + rear
Toe: adjustable front + rear
Kick-Up: adjustable front
Anti-squat: adjustable rear
Ride height: adjustable front + rear
Downstops: adjustable front + rear
Track-width: adjustable front + rear
Front anti-roll bars: Wire style 2.4 mm
Rear anti-roll bar: Wire style 2.8 mm
Roll center: adjustable front + rear, upper & lower
Bump steer: adjustable front
Wheelbase: adjustable front & rear
Ackermann: adjustable front
Shocks: Adjustable damping, preload, mounting positions
Body: XRAY XT8 body
Wheels: XRAY Racing Dish Wheels
Tires: XRAY Thrax low-profile tires with foam inserts
Fuel tank: 150cc capacity with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type filter and fuel tank pressure cap with 1-piece profiled seal
Instructions: Instruction Manual with 3D graphics (44 pages)
Packaging: carton box with vinyl bags with parts

Additionally included: Authentication Certificate, set-up sheet, parts list & exploded view, decals

Not included: radio system (transmitter and receiver), personal transponder, steering & throttle servos, engine, manifold & exhaust, starter box & starter box battery pack, receiver battery pack, glowplug igniter, battery charger, Lexan® paint, model R/C car fuel (nitromethane), tape, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, tools, Set-up book: 2-color Set-Up Book (39 pages) - not included

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action
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Old 09-06-2013, 09:10 PM
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holy crap! a turggy body that actually looks like a truck! i almost want to buy one just because it actually looks like a truck. i don't even know how good the chassis, im to blown away by the body.
holy crap. it's also a kit isn't it? holy crap, somebody actually made a good looking kit? have i gone back in time, is this the 90's?

im kind of afraid to know what it's going to cost though.
the ritalin made me do it!
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Yeah, I like this one...Body and All!!!......SWEET!!!
~Billy McGaha~
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